A GIFTED saxophonist discovered he has been chosen to perform at a London theatre on his 13th birthday.

André Adams has autism and won Tarporley's Got Talent show five months after learning to play The Pink Panther.

The Winsford schoolboy has also been selected by X Factor finalist Chris Maloney for a six month scholarship at his theatre academy.

Professional teachers coach stars of the future in dance, drama and singing. André's first four-hour session is on February 9.

Incredibly, André can't read music but can pick up tunes just by listening to them.

The talented young musician is currently learning to play Bohemian Rhapsody.

His mum Tracy said: "André is very unique. He is the happiest, loving person. Everyone who meets him adores him."

André couldn't talk in sentences until he was five.

"He would sing, whistle and hum," said Tracy. "When he was eight one of his teachers brought a saxophone into school and played The Pink Panther. André wanted to learn to play this tune but he was too young."

Once he started lessons, his astonishing ability stunned professional musicians.

He has private lessons with renowned teacher Erin Elston.

"André doesn't read music in the conventional way," said Tracy. "He picks up a melody and finds it with his fingers. He will watch his teacher play and can play it straight away. His rhythm is fantastic. He can pick up sounds that no one else in the room can hear."

André had a music award named after him at Huxley Primary School when he left.

An audition for Autism's Got Talent led to him becoming one of just 10 acts selected to perform at a show at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton last year, alongside 10 London West End acts who have been touring the UK on the Autism Together charity roadshow.

The Hartford CE High School pupil has now been chosen as one of 18 acts to perform at this year's Autism's Got Talent at The Mermaid Theatre in London in May.

Autism's Got Talent founder Anna Kennedy OBE said: "It is all too often said that people with disabilities are not capable of very much, and they are unable to rise to the challenges that they are faced with. That’s not true.

“Autism’s Got Talent is a platform given to talented individuals with autism enabling them to show off their skills and talents. We not only have soloists, but people also perform in groups, which is something many people are quick to judge as impossible for those on the spectrum. Not only are these talented, amazing individuals proving their critics wrong, they are also having fun and achieving so much!”

Tracy added: "We are hoping that Chris Maloney's Academy will teach André how to move on stage while playing his saxophone.

"It will give him confidence.

"We want to give André as many opportunities as we can. He has drum lessons and is getting great support from his teachers and his peers.

"Who knows what could happen? It is exciting."