A SEWING and craft shop in Sanderson Way has undergone improvements in order to make it more convenient for visitors.

Weaver Dee fabric shop unveiled the new layout on Thursday, January 3 and the response so far has been positive.

The business was launched in 2015 by husband and wife team Ann and Noel Jaycott and they are excited about what the changes mean for the shop.

Noel said: “The changes make it much easier for people to see what we have in stock.

“Before the improvements the shop was basically a warehouse but now it’s a more modern one.

“We have a lot of professional dressmakers come in but also people who just enjoy sewing as a hobby so it makes it easier for people to see what fabrics and machines we have in stock.

“So far the response we have had has been very positive, people definitely seem to prefer our new layout.”

For more information on Weaver Dee visit the website weaverdee.com/.