MINDLESS yobs smashed their way into a building used by the community in Winsford and left a trail of shattered glass.

Intruders broke a window at the GGO community bungalow on Finsbury Walk at 4am this morning.

A spokesman for volunteers who run activities at the centre said: "Not only was the window smashed, the person responsible also decided to defecate and urinate in the kitchen too.

"CCTV was recorded and the police and Weaver Vale are currently looking at this."

The community bungalow was recently refurbished.

Volunteers give up their time to organise events and activities for young people living on estates in Greenfield Park, Glebe Green and Over.

A spokesman for Weaver Vale Housing Trust, who own the building, said:“It’s upsetting to think that someone would chose to break into and vandalise this much-loved and well used community facility.

“We have reviewed CCTV footage and this has now been passed on to the police. Our staff have also been on site to secure the building and an extensive clean up operation will now take place. Our aim is to complete this work as quickly as possible to ensure GGO can continue to host events.

"We are assisting the police with their enquiries and we hope that they will be successful in apprehending whoever is responsible for this mindless act of anti-social behaviour.

“The GGO Community Group is run by local volunteers who put a huge amount of time and effort into organising events for the whole community to enjoy. It’s a shame someone has attempted to ruin things for everyone."