A WINSFORD therapist is running workshops for parents who are concerned about their children’s mental health.

The meetings will be focusing on raising resilient children, understanding anxiety in children and understanding depression in children.

Rebecca Kinnear, 29, runs Eden Therapy and Wellbeing and has been a therapist for eight years.

She is hoping that the new workshop will help parents understand mental health in children.

Rebecca said: “I’m doing this because mental health is such a big issue and sometimes the services are not able to meet the demand.

“I get a lot of parents coming to me and asking the same questions and often they feel isolated.

“With these workshops I am hoping to show these parents that they are not on their own with this by helping them speak to other people about it and just giving them support.”

The workshops are open for up to 20 people and the next one takes place in the Brio Leisure Centre in Northwich at 9.45am on Saturday, January 19.

Rebecca said: “Some parents are doing a fantastic job but simply do not know it. For those parents I am just hoping to help boost their confidence so they can keep on doing what they are doing.”

The first parent workshop is focused on raising resilient children, the second is about the importance of self-care as a parent which is followed by a workshop on anxiety in children and the final session is about low-mood in children.

Each session is an hour and a half long and it costs £16 per person.

For more information on Eden Therapy and Wellbeing visit the facebook page facebook.com/edentherapyandwellbeingservices or the website edentherapyandwellbeing.co.uk.