UP to 1,500 jobs could be created as Winsford Industrial Estate is set to expand.

Plans for 350,000 sq ft of new employment space have been approved as Cheshire West and Chester Council and partners Public Sector Plc invest in regeneration.

A petrol station, pub and hotel are in the pipeline as roads and facilities are being improved.

Team leader Haydn Farrell, whose company Tiger Trailers is moving to a larger, more efficient factory beside the new proposed development believes the plans will create exciting opportunities for employees and businesses.

The 26-year-old dad-of-two from the Dene estate, sees a bright future for himself and his young family, good times ahead for others who work on the estate and opportunities for people in the wider local area who are looking for a job.

Haydn said: “I think it is really good that the council is supporting the industrial estate and it is good for Winsford and the surrounding areas because there will be more work which will bring more money and custom to the shops. It will help the businesses around Winsford and the little shops around the town centre too.”

Since starting as an apprentice at growing trailer manufacturing company three years ago, his career has flourished.

Haydn said: “You pick up the skills over time and if you are keen and committed and you work with the right people you are going to learn more.

"I have learned how to use new equipment. I know a trailer inside and out and I know all of the legalities and what the customer wants. I have come on so much in the last three years.

“When a job comes off the line our team has got a check sheet and we have got to go through it and check everything about the job, check the order is correct. We are the last port of call before the trailer is delivered. Everything has got to be spot on.

“It is really good to be part of a company that is growing fast. It is going in the right direction and I want to be part of something. I have got a young family and a mortgage to pay for.

"The last thing you want when you come to work is not being busy. The order books are always constantly busy. Everything is constant and there is always an opportunity for overtime. You are never worried about money.

“Since I have been here they are already building a new factory, which says everything about the company and where it is going.

"People don't realise that the industrial estate is growing because they haven't seen that much yet but it is and it is good for Winsford."

Cllr Brian Clarke, cabinet member for economic development and infrastructure, said: “We are committed to securing the future of Winsford Industrial Estate and creating jobs for our residents so that they are able to thrive.

“Now that we have secured planning permission to continue our work on the site, I predict good times ahead for the businesses which are based there and those which may move there in the future. Tiger Trailers has shown faith in Winsford by moving to a bigger base on the estate and investing in the people of our town.”

Paul Brown, regional director at Public Sector Plc said: “The Winsford Industrial Estate is a testament to the commitment and vision of the council in creating a state-of-the-art industrial hub for the region. Public Sector Plc has been working in partnership with the Council to attract funding to breathe new life into the estate.

“There are further plans to enhance the site over the coming years with a view to developing best-in-class industrial space which will benefit the local community with sustainable job growth and long-term investment.”