A MIDDLEWICH First councillor has criticised Cheshire East Council after a disused footpath in Bulkeley was repaired before the Croxton Lane pathway.

Councillor Mike Parsons has been campaigning for the footpath to undergo maintenance work since before Cheshire East Council was formed.

Due to new housing developments in the area, which would see more residents using the pavement Cllr Parsons believes that repairs are imperative.

The Croxton Lane footpath runs through four housing developments and once those houses are completed, it will be the only route into the town for people living there.

The Middlewich councillor has a number of complaints regarding the condition of the footpath and says that this is not a new problem.

Cllr Parsons said: “The problems with the Croxton Lane pavement go back to the days of Congleton Borough Council, before CEC was formed, that’s how long I have been asking about it.

“It has been on the list for years and it keeps on getting put back.

“Firstly, it is not the legal width for a footpath and it is substandard.”

Cllr Parsons has tried to get the footpath repaired using Section 106 money but he has been told that the works do not come under the remit in order to qualify for funding.

Mike said: “They cut the grass back to get the footpath to the legal width, but the part of the grass that they have cut back is essentially a muddy gully and not safe for use.

“They have done resurfacing work on it before but it needs to be levelled out properly.

“They resurfaced it once a couple of years ago and once last year but because they have not levelled it out it has actually made the path less safe than it was before.

“With these new developments there could be another 200 houses in the area and people will need to use this to get into the town centre.”

Mike is also concerned that a footpath in Buckeley, which is not regularly used, has been repaired before Croxton Lane.

That pavement is located on the right-hand side of the A534 heading through Bulkeley.

Mike said: “With these developments this will be a key route into the town for the people who will live there.“I do not know if it is because they do not want to do it or they cannot do it but that other footpath is only really used by ramblers.

“I am not saying they should not have done the work there but I do not understand how that has greater priority over Croxton Lane.”

A CEC spokesperson said: “This matter has been brought to our attention and has been assessed in line with our asset management approach. “This footpath has not ranked as a priority for this year’s programme.

“However, we will return to the site for further assessment to determine if any work is necessary to be programmed in due course.

“We are, at all times, mindful to ensure paths are kept safe and deal with defects found through inspections and reports.”