A PLANNING application to build up to 370 houses in Centurion Way has faced strong opposition from residents, who are questioning whether Middlewich can handle the development.

The majority of the houses will be two-storey buildings and the proposals include a new church facility with associated community uses

The site is located on the north-east edge of Middlewich in the parish of Sproston.

Residents have taken the opportunity to voice their concerns about the development.

A resident from White Park said: “More houses means more need for schools, doctors, dentists, parks, social facilities.

“We are already lacking these facilities in Middlewich. How will adding another 370 dwellings resolve this?

“Centurion Way becomes grid locked when anything happens on the M6 and therefore to add a further 370 houses is only going to add to this problem along with the extra pollution that comes with it.”

The traffic assessment for the plans states that development would have a minimal impact on traffic but residents are sceptical about this.

A resident in Davenham Way said: “This application makes absolutely no mitigation for the obvious increase in traffic that will occur in an already congested town with an already inadequate road and public transport network which has already been badly damaged by massive housing expansion in the town and surrounding towns.

“It will result in unacceptable delays to those travelling in and out of Middlewich.

Residents are also concerned about the infrastructure of the town and whether or not it can handle a development of this size.

A Regency Walk resident said: “Middlewich is expanding at an alarming rate but it's centre is a ghost town.

“No money or investment is being spent on the town centre or towards bettering the lives of the people who live here. Roads are gridlocked constantly.

“The long-awaited bypass is taking forever and will probably never happen.”

There is still no decision on the planning application.

The target date for the decision is Wednesday, November 21 and the last date for submitting comments is Friday, November 9.