YEAR 5 pupils in St Mary’s Primary School took part in a special workshop to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

The school was visited by the Middlewich Heritage Trust and Ken Kingston, chairman of the Middlewich branch of the Royal British Legion.

The workshop educated the children on the Middlewich heroes who fought in the war.

Denis Orr-McGuinness, assistant head and year 5 class teacher, said: “What a wonderful opportunity it was for the children to learn about the Great War from our local Heritage Trust.

“This was not just beneficial to the children though.

“Having only recently moved to the area, after being appointed as assistant head earlier this year, I was fortunate to learn even more about great history which is engrained throughout Middlewich.

“We are very grateful to Ken Kingston and the Middlewich Heritage Trust for their visit.”

Each class designed their own display of poppies in the project area of the school with a model of Big Ben at the core of the display.