TRESPASSERS have climbed onto the top of the Darnhall telescope in Winsford, a worker has claimed.

Cheshire police are currently at the scene investigating the incident at the site of powerful equipment which is part of the Jodrell Bank Merlin network.

A man, who did not wish to be named, said: "I'm working in the area and saw people climbing up the telescope in Darnhall and they're now sat on top of it with binoculars.

"The police have been informed and Jodrell Bank said they've had to shut off the telescope as the people up there could have been seriously injured."

It is not known what the trespassers may have been protesting about.

A police spokesman said: "The police were called at 10.34am this morning to reports of concern for the safety of a person who was sat on top of a telescope in Darnhall.

"Officers at the scene are using a drone to check whether there is anybody up there. They can't see anybody from the ground."

Jodrell Bank said they were aware of the incident.

A spokesman for Jodrell Bank Observatory said on Wednesday: "We are grateful to the police for dealing with the situation on Tuesday which interrupted our operations.

"The telescope at Darnhall is a secure site carrying out research for scientists around the world. CCTV and high fences are installed to prevent access to the large structure, which can move without warning.

"It has since been returned to operation once we were assured that it was safe to do so andour staff had carried out additional checks on site."