PLANS for 25 new houses in King Street have been accepted with conditions by Cheshire East Council.

The proposal includes plans to demolish 7 King Street in order to provide an access route to the development area.

The proposal emphasises the importance of security against criminal activity and transport options for potential residents.

The planning statement says: “The movement framework of the development allows for good natural surveillance.

“The well-defined routes reduce areas for potential criminal activity.

“Any criminal activity would attract attention, and with many overlooking properties and an established sense of guardianship of the development action would be taken.

“Car parking is located in areas under natural surveillance from adjoining properties.

“A full range of transport choice will be available to residents with walking and cycling being a favoured option through the inclusion of safe and attractive footpath links and cycle friendly streets and connections.

Middlewich Town Council objected to the proposal due to concerns about traffic and road safety but Cheshire East Highways recommended the application for approval.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Highways, said: “The proposal is located in a sustainable location with footway access to central Middlewich and associated amenities.

“The site access dimensions are to standard and adequate visibility onto King Street will be provided and swept paths have confirmed that refuse vehicles would be able to safely enter and exit the site.

“Accident data has confirmed that there are no existing safety concerns in the vicinity of the site and the traffic impact of such a small development will be negligible.”