THE road between Sandbach and Middlewich is quite a good one, running for most of its length alongside the canal in a straight and wide carriageway.

Until that is, it reaches Middlewich and becomes Lewin Street.

For the driver travelling that road and entering Middlewich past the Cheshire Cheese pub to his right and ahead of him a funnel, a chicane, a narrow bit of road - whatever name is used it means that the road narrows dramatically as it squeezes between the buildings on either side.

It widens as it changes its name to Leadsmithy Street and becomes a dual carriageway at the traffic lights governing the Town Bridge junction.

But first, the heavy traffic has to filter through this bottleneck.

The traffic in days gone by was not too hindered by this narrowing.

Most of the roads were narrow but were easily traversed by horse and pedestrian traffic. Now it is very different.

Lewin Street is an arterial road from Middlewich to Sandbach and is very busy.

In the narrow bit is a building that was once a pub called The White Horse.

It was built before 1850 and since then has changed hands very few times.

It was owned for many years by the Williams family, a few more owners and then it closed finally on the March 11 this year.

The end of an era for the pub but at last the narrowness can be cured by its demolition.

Wrong, the building stays there to be converted into offices, and the road stays narrow.