A MUM who was told that she would never conceive again after surviving breast cancer has now defied doctors for the second time.

Sarah Pickles, 36, from Lytham Drive in Winsford, was given the all-clear in 2016 after a tough battle which lasted more than a year.

In the same year, Sarah went on to publish an Amazon best-selling book, The Shock Factor: Sarah’s story - beating breast cancer one day at a time, in which she helped and inspired others affected by the disease.

But despite seeing her life drastically turn around after a hellish period for Sarah, husband Dave, 43, and eight-year-old daughter Lilly, they were left with the sadness of knowing there would be no more additions to the family.

That was until Sarah found out she was pregnant with now 15-month-old Monty, before Christmas in 2016, proving medical professionals wrong.

With Monty now settled into the family, Sarah was given her second shock when finding out that she is pregnant once again – this time expecting a baby girl in December.

“We found out in April that I’m pregnant again and we’re just so happy,” Sarah said.

“We went from thinking we could not have any more children and thinking that Lilly wouldn’t have any brothers or sisters to then having Monty and finding out I’m pregnant with baby number three. It’s been such a shock.

“Having been through what we went through as a family and the journey we have been on, to have Monty with us now and a new addition on the way has been a miracle and we feel really lucky.

“Lilly has been so excited because she’s always been desperate for a little sister.

“She was only four when I went through the breast cancer and it was a traumatic time for her to see her mum go through that, so it’s really nice to see her so happy and excited.”