ACOUSTIC singer-songwriter Sam Lyon is about to release a new single - but details are top secret!

All the gifted performer from Winsford could divulge was that it will be a present for her dad John.

"I'm releasing it as a surprise for my dad's birthday on October 9," said Sam.

"It's all very secret. It's an old song of mine that I've never done anything with.

"When I wrote it years ago muy dad loved it and got the lyrics tattooed on his arm."

The guitarist plans to release a second single in the coming months, after completing her second UK tour this year.

The 22-year-old said she really enjoyed singing for guests at the Warrington Wolves presentation evening last Tuesday.

The prolific performer is passionate about music after deciding to become a full-time musician last year.

But going solo, she says, is challenging.

"It is exciting but it is hard work," said Sam. "With a nine to five job you are guaranteed a standard wage but with any time of self-employment funding your own money is difficult.

"It's not just a case of standing up on stage. A lot of people forget about all the admin, booking your own tours and doing your own finances.

"But I love doing it because, like any business, you learn along the way. Things I'm now facing I would never have had to face before.

Sam started playing live shows at the age of 14 and was spotted by sound engineer John Delf, who had experience working with Kylie Minogue and Lily Allen.

He invited her to record her debut album Comets and Constellations. She has since released two EPs The Bitter Taste of Bliss and Promise Me and a single, Every Second Counts.

She gets likened to artists such as Karen Carpenter, Eva Cassidy and Taylor Swift.

Her own life inspires inspires her songs.

"I tend to write a lot about personal experience," she said. "Things I'm feeling and going through. I sit down with my guitar and babble and something forms eventually."

Although she enjoys being on the road, she says she loves coming home.

Sam still performs every Sunday at 5pm at the Red Lion.

"I love Winsford's music scene," she added. "I feel like the Red Lion is my Cavern Club. They have supported me since I was 15. Everyone supports each other. If you have any problems or questions you can ask anyone and they will help you."