A FAMOUS face was among those tested for underlying heart conditions during a charity screening day in Northwich at the weekend.

Lutalo Muhammad, who famously won a taekwondo silver at the Rio 2016 Olympics – Team GB’s best ever men’s result in the sport – joined 95 other 14 to 35-year-olds in undergoing an ECG heart test at St Nick’s on Saturday.

The ECG – or electrocardiogram – was offered for free thanks to the Mike Clarke Memorial Fund, which raised the £5,000 necessary to put on the screening day.

Recommended for all young adults, particularly those who partake in regular physical activity, the screening can be the difference between life and death, as Mike’s sister Kate Bridges – the key to the fundraising efforts – knows all too well.

“Mike suffered a heart attack while playing football, and if he had just had an ECG he would still be here now,” she said.

“If we had known about the CRY screening days, he would still be with us today.”

Mike died in September 2015 after collapsing while playing football for Whitegate FC, aged just 29.

Fit and healthy, he had suffered a heart attack on the pitch and left behind a young son.

Kate said: “Mike passed away in 2015 and I started fundraising in 2016.

“The first year was taken up by trying to raise funds to hold a screening day, and when it came to booking there were no days available in 2017.

“We are looking to hold two each year, and started with an event in February, where 103 people were screened.”

With 100 appointments on offer, working out at around £50 per slot, people are invited to sign up for their free test. For Kate, and fellow organisers of similar events across the country, it is a source of frustration when people fail to turn up or advise that they can’t make it.

Kate said: “We pay for 100 people to come and so need to get as close as we can to make sure the money isn’t going to waste.

“I don’t think people realise that if they don’t turn up, the appointment still has to be paid for and it’s costing the charity money.

“Despite 18 people failing to turn up, luckily we managed to make up numbers and had 96 people on the day.

“We had a handful of people referred on for further tests.”

See more of Kate’s work – and future dates – at facebook.com/MikeClarkeCRY