West Cheshire is one of the most popular choices in the country when people are deciding on where to live.

Internal migration figures released by the Office of National Statistics reveal that, in 2017, 16,610 people moved to the borough and 14,281 people moved away.

This is a net increase of 2,329 people and follows a net increase of 1,330 people in 2016.

The borough is the sixth most popular place to migrate to. Cornwall is number one.

Cllr Brian Clarke said: “The council is working to put west Cheshire on the map as a fantastic place to live, work and do business. Our region has so much to offer and it is clear that our efforts to make it an attractive option are influencing people’s decisions.”

Cheshire West is considered one of the best places to live in the UK with high living standards and good transport links.

The number of new homes available is increasing rapidly.

There are also more affordable houses being built, with 623 new properties completed in 2017-18.

CWAC says there are a range of affordable house types and tenures are available including affordable and social rent, shared ownership, starter/discounted sale homes, with supported housing, extra care and lifetime home options and gypsy and traveller pitches.

Among those who chose to relocate is Sarah Eden.

The 30-year-old mum moved into her new home in Winsford, which is managed by the council’s partner ForHousing, in April.

Sarah said: “The process went really fast; it took eight weeks from the claim date to moving in. These houses are really nice and we have a garden as well.

“I had a private rented property in Middlewich and it was absolutely awful. The damp was awful; we had to go to housing standards. I was paying £595 a month for that. It was illness after illness; we were obviously getting damp on our chests.

“I work in Northwich and my son Bobby is in nursery in Winsford so I didn’t want to upset our routine. I applied for council housing and the lady who got in touch with me was helpful. It has been fine living here. When we pulled up on the first day I couldn’t believe it. I thought we must be at the wrong one. These houses are nice.”