A WINSFORD mum died from a severe head injury after falling down the stairs, an inquest in Warrington heard on Thursday.

Mum-of-two Gina Ann Morgan, 34, was found at the bottom of the stairs at her home on Chapter House by her eldest daughter.

Claire Welch, area coroner for Cheshire, said the young girl told her gran Carol Ann Brandreth that her mum had put her and her sister to bed at 9.30pm on March 19, this year.

She woke up to check on her mum and noticed she wasn't sleeping in her bed.

"She found her at the bottom of the stairs breathing loudly and was unable to wake her," Mrs Welsh read from documentary evidence.

"The eldest granddaughter settled her sister back in bed and sat with her mother."

Paramedic Michael Bargiel received an emergency call at 6.39am on March 20.

"I was met by the patient's mother who looked clearly distressed," he told the inquest in a statement.

"I could see the patient lying at the bottom of the stairs of an open plan lounge. The patient was unresponsive.

"Her best chance of survival was to take her to a major trauma centre."

Ms Morgan arrived at the Royal Stoke University Hospital at 7.45am.

Dr Rahulan Dharmarajah, consultant in emergency medicine, said medical records showed she had previously suffered a stroke when she was only 20.

A CT scan showed she had no spinal injuries and was not suitable for further surgery.

In a statement, he told the inquest: "She had been found at the bottom of the stairs and had most likely fallen down the stairs.

"She had suffered a significant head injury that was not survivable. Organ donation was agreed by her family."

Dr James Turner, from the hospital, said in a statement: "She had put the children to bed at 9pm so she was unconscious on the floor for most of the night."

He said the cause of death was traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage and subdural haemorrhage and confirmed that the previous stroke was a contributory factor.

Carol Ann Brandeth confirmed in a statement that her daughter had suffered a stroke in 2003 and had headaches and back problems.

Her eyes were sensitive to light so she had to wear sunglasses, she said, her hands used to cramp up and she suffered from forgetfulness.

"In the last 18 to 24 months she was getting worse," Mrs Brandreth told the inquest in a statement.

"She had been tested for Multiple Sclerosis which proved negative."

She said her daughter used to take her two children to school and visit her at home.

"She would wind down with a glass of red wine in the evening," she said.

Mrs Brandreth praised the medical team who looked after her daughter and described them as 'faultless'.

Ms Morgan's brother Matthew said he was satisfied for all the documentary evidence to be read at the inquest and his family did not wish to attend.

Coroner Mrs Welch recorded an accidental verdict and concluded: "Gina Ann Morgan was born on August 6, 1983 and died on March 22 at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

"She died as a result of an unknown head injury she sustained from an unwitnessed fall down the stairs at her home address on the evening of March 19/20.

"Gina died as a result of an accident.

"May I offer my deepest condolences to Gina's family and children and wish them well in the future."