AN up-and-coming crochet designer from Middlewich has donated a crochet pattern to a national leukaemia charity as part of blood cancer awareness month.

Charlotte Hawksworth, 24 has been featured in numerous crochet magazines such as ‘Simply Crochet’ and ‘Crochet Now’ has donated a pattern, ‘Bob the blood blob’ to national charity Leukaemia Care as a part of the charities #SpotLeukaemia awareness campaign.

The pattern can be used by fundraisers to create items, or alternatively, can be used by patients and their loved ones to promote mindfulness.

Charlotte said, “When I was approached by the charity, I thought it was a lovely way to support a campaign.

“People can use the pattern to create items or alternatively, they can get involved in a craft that I love and use it as a way to relax.

“I hope that people will get pleasure out of the pattern with whatever they choose to do.”

In 2015, 9,900 people were diagnosed with Leukaemia. That’s 27 people each day. Leukaemia can be hard to spot because the signs and symptoms are common to other unrelated illnesses.

The six most common symptoms experienced by all leukaemia patients prior to diagnosis are fatigue, bruising or bleeding, bone/joint pain, fever or night sweats, sleeping problems and shortness of breath.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of what leukaemia is, the symptoms to spot and who can be affected by leukaemia.

The charity wants to equip people to spot the signs and symptoms of leukaemia and urge them to visit their GP if they have any concerns. Early diagnosis saves lives and improves outcomes.

Leukaemia Care are giving away free symptoms cards to raise awareness of the types of leukaemia and to empower people to visit their GP if they feel worried.

Symptoms cards, as well as more information about the campaign, can be found and ordered at

The campaign can be found on social media by searching #SpotLeukaemia.

Charlotte’s work in crochet can be found on her personal blog at or on Instagram at