A SAFETY drive to introduce 20mph zones in villages across Northwich and Winsford has been welcomed by a retired police officer.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is rolling out reduced speed limits in residential areas to reduce crashes and encourage more children to walk or cycle to school.

Northwich town Cllr Sam Naylor and member of CWAC, said: “Speed does kill. I know from personal experience as a retired police officer the devastation it can cause to families particularly when children are injured or worse.

“Speaking as a parent of five children who were all educated locally, I would have been a lot more confident of my children’s safety if 20mph speed limits had been in practice.”

Councillor Karen Shore, cabinet member for the environment said: “We are in the middle of a four-year programme to increase the number of 20mph speed limits on residential roads and outside schools to make our communities safer.

“In January 2016, the council agreed to introduce 20mph speed limits on suitable residential roads and around schools to deliver significant benefits including a reduction in road traffic collisions and to encourage more people to walk and cycle.

“We have undertaken a detailed evaluation of the schemes delivered in the first year and a report will be presented to the council’s scrutiny committee next week.

“Over 50 cent of our goal of 128 locations is now complete and in the final fourth year we will assess 68 more locations for suitability.”