WINSFORD will remember the heroes who lost their lives during the First World War with an eye-catching floral display.

The council-run StreetCare team has introduced ‘carpet bedding’ to a number of areas across the Cheshire West borough with designs commemorating the centenary of the wars end.

Carpet bedding has never been used by Cheshire West and Chester Council before and has been a popular style of gardening since Victorian times.

Small plants are planted closely together, so the initial gaps are quickly covered as they grow. The overall finished effect is of a tightly-woven carpet, hence the name, carpet bedding.

Councillor Karen Shore, cabinet member for environment, said: “I am delighted we have been able to bring back this beautiful style of display. Our teams worked with the World War 1 Society and a local plant nursery to come up with the poppy design.

“Many of the locations used were planted by our apprentices – adding another horticultural skill for their portfolios.

“The succulents used in the designs also don’t need as much water as some flowering plants which helps to lessen our water usage during the current warm weather.”

The plants used in the display include Echeveria Flatter, Korma, Helichrysun, Alternantheera H and E, and Ajuga (Chocolate Chip).