A BUDDING entrepreneur has started his business empire over the summer holidays by selling hand-picked blackberries in his front garden – at the age of just three.

Jenson Ward will be giving local supermarkets a run for their money by offering fresh produce to passers-by in Beechfield Drive, Middlewich for £1 a punnet.

The youngsters' parents Sheri and Mark, age 32 and 36, got the business venture off the ground at the weekend to teach the toddler about the value of money and hard work.

Sheri said: “Mark and I asked Jenson if he would like to share what he had picked at his grandparents' farm for a few pennies and he was very excited to get started.

“We thought about keeping the stall for just a day or two, but he has once again run out of blackberries and people are still keen to try some so we will be making another trip to grandad and grandma’s.”

Sheri’s parents Susan and Terry Lea, age 61 and 67, own a farm in Moston where the berries are grown.

Sheri, who grew up on the farm, said: “I remember being sent out by mum and dad to pick delicious blackberries and that was always so much fun. Seeing Jenson enjoying it so much now is just wonderful.

“Whenever we visit, his grandparents always encourage him to pick their blackberries and eat them. They have so many growing it seems a shame not to use them.”

The stall has proven to be very popular with Middlewich residents as the toddler sold out every day during his weekend shift while manning the table with a big smile, earning himself a whopping £30.

To show how good he is at sharing, he will be splitting the current profits with his business partner and little brother, 10-month-old Wesley.

Future profits from the blackberries will go to his chosen charity, Ronald McDonald House, which offers accommodation to parents who have children spending time in hospital, so they can stay close by.

Sheri added: “He has chosen this charity as they were absolutely fantastic in the support they gave to our good friends when their little boy Ethan, who is the brother of Jenson’s best friend Zach, was born prematurely earlier this year.

“We will do all we can to encourage him to use initiative as he grows so that this may be the building blocks of a bright future.

“We also hope that this might inspire other children to do similar things during these summer holidays.”