A RECORD shop in Winsford has helped to raise hundreds of pounds for a brain injury charity by donating thousands of vinyl records.

Headway - the brain injury association's charity shop in Winsford - has raised £360 from the sale of vinyl records this year thanks to generous donations from The Electric Church.

When people bring records to the shop in Over Square that owner Jimi Coppack cannot sell, he asks whether they want to take them back home or if he can donate them to Headway, and most people have been happy to support the charity.

Jimi said: "I walk past the Headway shop and see people really going for it, rummaging through the records.

"I have collected vinyl for the past 18 years and I know what it's like to go crate digging and find something you love. It is great to be able to do that for other people.

"I do not want anything going to landfill that could have an alternative use. I let staff know which records are worth a bit more and it's great to know it's raising money for charity.

"I tell customers to go into the Headway shop and have a look. A woman came in a few weeks ago and wanted to buy a certain record for her husband's birthday. I did not have it, but she went over to Headway and she was able to find it there.”

Headway, a charity that support brain injury survivors and their families, relies entirely on donations and was thrilled by the generosity of the local business.

Tina Cheswick, shop manager for the Winsford branch, said: "There are lot of people that come in and head straight for the records.

"All of the money raised in the shop will help our charity to support people across the UK coming to terms with the devastating consequences of brain injury.

"Like all the Headway shops, the Winsford store relies entirely on stock donations.

“We always need good quality clothing, bric-a-brac, media, children's toys, furniture and small electrical items and are grateful for any donations."

Tina also said that Jimi is aiming to double the amount they can raise next year.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating stock can visit the shop at the Cross Shopping Centre in Dingle Walk or call Tina Cheswick on 01606 552578.