AFTER weeks of waiting, a new slide has been installed at the play area off Station Road.

The piece of playground equipment in King George VI Play Area has been the target of vandalism on multiple occasion, according to on social media.

Pictures taken this morning, Monday, by a concerned resident who did not want to be named show the extent of the damage to the metal slide, which had been taped off ready for repairs.

She said: “It has been like that for nearly two months now. I was just worried that someone was going to get hurt.”

Another resident recalls noticing the damage in the nick of time to stop her three-year old from being injured.

The Town Council, who are responsible for the park, apologised that the repair work took so long and explained in a statement that there had been a delay in the arrival of the correct parts.

A spokesman for the town council said: “Let's hope that all residents of the town respect this new slide and that it is enjoyed as it should be enjoyed by our children.”