At my last behaviour clinic an entire family arrived with their German shepherd they complained jumped all over them and anyone he met.

While they were talking, I moved in closer and took hold of the dog’s lead. I gave it a little tug and ordered the dog to sit.

“Does he jump on absolutely everyone?” I asked.

“Oh yes, everyone.”

“Well he’s just met me and didn’t jump at me.”

The family looked at each other until dad said: “Yes, but he’ll jump at everyone you meet.”

I walked the dog about 50 paces making sure he never took one step in front of me.

Once he understood I would not allow him to pull, he fell in at my side.

I then proceeded to walk him around meeting and greeting several people I knew. The dog never jumped at any of them.

“That’s a miracle,” mum said as I took him back to his family but it was nothing more than leadership.

My next client arrived clutching her little dog Sasha to her bosom as she was ‘too nervous’ to walk in a public park with so many other dogs around.

I asked her to put Sasha on the ground and trust me. “She’s terrified of labradors,” her owner said, which was a bit unfortunate as I had a truck full of them.

Within 10 minutes, Sasha was strutting around the park with my dogs as if she had known them for years.

Little Sasha’s perceived nervousness was clearly created by her owner and without help Sasha would have spent the rest of her life as a stressed-out little dog.

If you need help with your dog I shall be at The Three Greyhounds Dog Show, Holmes Chapel Road, Allostock, Knutsford, WA16 9JY with my behaviour clinic on Saturday, July 28 from noon.

If you would like me to work one-to-one with your dog to resolve any behaviour issues you can book an appointment by texting me on 07590 560012 or just turn up on the day and I will see you as soon as possible. Who knows, your dog might even win a prize in the dog show while you are there?

By The Dogfather Vic Barlow