AS England prepare to play in a World Cup semi-final for the first time in 28 years, one man makes a bold statement.

Simon Hill, from Winsford, is so confident that England is bringing the title home that he has given his Vauxhall Agila a patriotic makeover.

The father-of-three used white paint on the car – which has a valid MOT, full tax and insurance – to create an England flag design.

He said: “I thought that it would be a funny idea and the kids would love it. The vehicle was going to the scrapyard anyway, so this was just a bit of fun.”

The 28-year-old, who works in the motor trade industry, said that his family and friends all think he is ‘a little bit crazy’.

Rebecca Hill, Simon’s sister, said: “I was mortified at first, but it was actually hilarious when Simon came up my street beeping his horn and all of the neighbours came out. His nephews are wanting to go out in the car with him.”

Simon thinks that the Lions will walk tonight’s match, saying that they seem to be ‘very hungry for this match’.

He is predicting at least three goals for England before the final whistle.

England will face Croatia for the semi-final of the World Cup tonight, Wednesday, on ITV at 7pm.

This match will determine who will join France in the final game on Sunday and what team will battle for third place against Belgium on Saturday.

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