A PERSONAL trainer from Middlewich is taking a stand against bullying in schools.

Adam Murphy,31, had heard about a lot of issues with bullying and self-confidence with children from multiple clients.

Upon hearing this he decided to find a way to help.

He said: “I’ve been a personal trainer for about twelve years now and I’ve had a lot of clients tell me about their kids being bullied.

“This can have a profound effect on a children’s confidence, self-esteem and school work.

“I have decided to help the best way I can.

“I am going to be holding kids boxing and self-defence classes to help them defend themselves.”

Despite the children learning how to defend themselves physically, the real significance of the classes is the psychological impact it could have on the children taking part.

Adam said: “It’s not just the physical side of it though, that is there as a last resort, it’s more about helping the kids with their confidence and giving them the belief to stand up for themselves.”

Adam reached out to the public about the idea and received an overwhelming response.

He said: “My initial plan was to do a group session for kids and make it affordable.

“I received hundreds of responses from people saying they would be interested and so now it will be a three-week course, one hour a week and the classes are free of charge.

“After the three weeks and I’ve taught them the basics we will see what we can do from there.”

Due to the community response Adam cannot guarantee that everyone who enters for the classes will automatically get a place but he is prepared to try his best to ensure people will not miss out.

“I want to give everyone equal opportunity and I might have to do more than one session a day to see everyone.

“I have limited spare time but I do not want anyone to miss out.

“I’ve got a big list of people interested and I do not want to turn any away.”

The dates and times for the classes are yet to be announced due as Adam needs to gauge the number of responses he has had so far.

Anyone interested in the classes can contact Adam via the Zero44 Facebook page facebook.com/zerofourtyfour/.