PLANS to build 14 residential dwellings in Nantwich Road adjacent to the canal have been withdrawn.

The plans had originally been for 17 new dwellings and was submitted to Cheshire East Council last year and after a number of consultant responses which pointed out safety concerns, the plans will not go ahead.

In his response to the consultation, Cllr Mike Parsons said: “I have great concerns about the suitability and above all, safety, of the access route to this proposed site, as it is a narrow stone path sitting on a high cliff edge.

“There is no realistic way in which this path could be developed into a road which would suitably and safely meet the requirements it would need to meet in order to fulfil the role intended.

“Neither is there any scope for an alternative route.”

Middlewich Town Council also objected to the plans for a multitude of reasons including poor access to Nantwich Road, the design not being in keeping with the surroundings and the loss of highway safety at the access point.

The main highway concern was the proximity of the access to the signal junction at the canal bridge.

The access is close to the stop line at the traffic signals and vehicles regularly queue back beyond the location of this site access.