A MUSICIAN from Winsford is making sure England fans will have their own anthem come the opening game at the World Cup in Russia.

Myles Bradley, from Ledward Street, has recorded his England 2018 World Cup song following the FA’s announcement that there will be no anthem for this tournament.

After hearing the announcement, Myles decided to take the matter into his own hands. 

He said: “I heard we weren't having a song this time, and I thought 'we can’t be having that', we need to get our own recorded.

“It was more of a blessing really, because it gave us an opportunity.

"I thought there’d be a lot of songs out there by fans but there wasn’t.”

“I put up a song two years ago, before the Euros, in my bedroom with my acoustic guitar and it got something like 15,000 views. But this time I wanted to film a proper video in a studio.”

The 33-year-old teamed up with friend Ian Scanlan who has his own recording studio in Winsford and they began writing drafts for the anthem.

He said: “I got in touch with Winsford United and 1874 Northwich FC, so we could film on their pitch.

“It took around three hours of filming, which was all really good fun.”

The song has already received positive responses with more than 400 shares and likes on Myles’ Facebook page as well as a retweet from the Twitter account of 1874 Northwich FC.

He also sent the song over to one of his favourite bands, Lightning Seeds - behind the iconic Euro 1996 England anthem ‘It’s Coming Home’.

“They said they were happy with the song and it made my day," Myles told the Guardian.

“It’s Coming Home and World in Motion are the best and you’re never touching that. But I just hope people embrace it and get a good feel for the World Cup.

“My first ever heartbreaks were Euro ’96 and World Cup ’98, but I think we’ll win it this time.

“Every time we have had a good England song, we’ve done well.”