THE CHARLATANS' North by Northwich festival is finally underway, and the occasion proved to be a special one for a band from Winsford.

Deja Vega performed at The Salty Dog on Monday and it proved to be a rewarding and surreal experience for the band and lead singer Jack Fearon.

“It was absolutely amazing, playing a completely sold out show for this major event,” Jack said.

“Out of all the bands performing at The Salty Dog this week we were the second one to sell out.

“That was an amazing achievement, we sold out before The Blinders so I couldn’t believe that."

Despite being elated with how fast their gig sold out many friends of the band were among the people who couldn’t get tickets for their set.

Jack said: “It took 20 minutes for our tickets to sell out and I saw some of my mates after and they were saying they tried but couldn’t get tickets.

“It was a surreal feeling playing a sold-out venue with loads of people we’ve never met before, obviously we did have some mates there as well but we had a lot of people coming over to buy the single.

“We had an amazing time, it was so good.”

The festival has been the talk of the town since it was announced and the main event on Monday night was not a disappointment for Deja Vega.

“We missed the first 15 minutes because we were packing our stuff away and saying hello to everyone.

“They were cool though, they sounded really good.”

As well as the Salty Dog performance Deja Vega will also be performing on Friday and after their set you can watch a live stream of The Charlatans performing in Memorial Court.

“We’re playing at the Chimes for free on Friday which is also part of the North by Northwich festival, No Hot Ashes played there on Monday and The Mysterines are playing on Thursday. They have something planned for every night.

“They’ve done an amazing job organising it all.”

As well as North by Northwich, Deja Vega have plenty of gigs scheduled to keep them busy and they are also hoping to return to the studio as soon as they can.

“We’ll see, we’ve got Kendal Calling, Cotton Clouds Festival and the Shine on gigs as well, they’ve just announced an all-day gig at the Birmingham NEC so that should be really cool,” Jack said.

“We’ll be writing loads of new music and hopefully getting in the studio soon, we’ve got like four of five new tunes ready to record, so that’s our plan and now we need to get ready for festival season.”

Deja Vega will also be performing at Middlewich FAB Festival on Friday, June 15.