A FAMILY from Winsford have been left ‘traumatised’ after waking up in the night to find an out-of-control fire in their garden.

The home of Daniel Tideswell, 31, has been left with extensive fire damage following what is thought to be a suspected arson attack.

Firefighters were called out to the neighbouring house, in Wharton Road, where in the early hours of the Tuesday morning, they found a shed alight and the fire spreading to a nearby fence panel just before 1am.

The crew were in attendance for just over two and a half hours and everyone inside the properties were safely accounted for.

Looking back at the incident, the father-of-one said: “We woke up to the sound of wood burning. The shed was engulfed in flames, and it had taken hold of the corner of our house as well, where my six-year-old daughter was sleeping.”

The family have lived in the property for less than six months, and now their daughter is too afraid to sleep in her own bedroom.

He continued: “My daughter is traumatised. It got to her window first and she woke up with her whole window covered in flames, just a wall of fire.”

The damage has torn through parts of the family home, leaving charred remains and serious damage to property.

Dan said: “There is nothing left of the shed, it is just a black mess. The roof is ruined, the fence is completely gone, the kitchen ceiling is cracked with the heat - the whole house is just knackered.”

The family have been in contact with Your Housing Group, their housing association, and are in talks with arranging the relevant help.

A spokesman for Your Housing Group said: “Despite initial reports suggesting that damage was more extensive to a neighbouring property, we now know Mr Tideswell’s home suffered more fire damage than first thought.

“We have made the home secure and a property surveyor will assess the situation. We offered Mr Tideswell and his family hotel accommodation, and we will know more about the extent of the damage following the surveyor’s visit.”

Anyone with any information in relation to the incident should contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 64468.