SAMANTHA Moss’ time as mayor of Middlewich comes to an end on Monday and the experience has been one she has thoroughly enjoyed.

Samantha became mayor on May, 16, 2017 and on Monday, May 21, Cllr Bill Walmsey will be taking on the role.

Cllr Moss said: “It’s a bit sad, I’ve made some wonderful friends and I have learnt so much about our town.

“Even though I’ve been a councillor for a number of years I’ve learnt much more from being mayor, it’s been lovely.

“One of the great joys was meeting so many new people. I never met anyone who had a moan or a grumble, everyone has been so nice.”

The job has been rewarding for Cllr Moss but the role of mayor can be demanding.

She said: “As lovely as it is, it’s exhausting and you do need to have a good rest.

“I’d like to go on holiday now if I could but I haven’t got time.

“I’ll just go back to being a councillor but a more insightful one because of my experiences as mayor.”

Cllr Bill Walmsey said: “I’m very excited about taking on the new role, it is a great an honour indeed to be first citizen of the town and I will do my best to promote the town and be an ambassador for Middlewich.”

Cllr Walmsey also said he is looking forward to raising money for various good causes including Middlewich Additional Needs Network, Middlewich Good Neighbours and the uniformed groups.