PUPILS at Grange Community Primary School have been getting to grips with a new culture for a new school topic

Year Three children have been learning about the largest rainforest in the world - The Amazon Rainforest – as part of their new South American studies.

Annette Williams, the school’s executive headteacher, said: “This is another example of how our curriculum inspires and immerses children in their learning, and providing opportunities beyond the classroom. The children in Miss Albison’s class are so motivated to learn and achieve – there is really no stopping them.”

During the current term, the class have developed a knowledge and understanding of why rainforests are located near to the equator, how the various animals survive in such intense climates, as well as the constant battle trees and plants face as they struggle for sunlight.

Looking at life in Bolivia, pupils were taught about how children have had to adapt to living closely with various reptiles like snakes and caiman crocodiles. To support their learning further, the class tasted a range of traditional Bolivian food including: cassava, plantain and plantain crisps.

The group are planning a visit to Chester Zoo later this half term to see the rainforest animals they house in all their glory.

The zoo run a specific workshop with children at primary school age to teach them about the current situation and issues affecting South American rainforests, helping develop their science and geography skills.