A WINSFORD woman witnessed two random acts of kindness by teenagers in the area, restoring her faith in humanity.

Joanne Johnson, from Winsford, was relieved three teenagers got in touch with her after finding her missing dog, Barnaby.

She said: “The lads used their own credit on their mobiles to contact our number that was on his dog tag.

“They then kept our dog safe while we went to meet them. They were so polite and happy to have helped.”

Later that day, as the mum-of-three was out driving, she stopped after noticing a small suspicious fire.

She said: “At the same time, four teenage lads also walked passed, stopped and went back to help.

“I slowed my car down to see what they were doing, and they used their drinks to help put out the fire, which they probably paid for out of their pocket money.”

Joanne posted on social media saying how proud she felt of these seven teenage boys who represented Winsford ‘in such a good light’.

Posting on the Winsford Community Forum, on Facebook, these boys received mountains of praise.

Lyn Hamlet, an administrator for the group, thanked Joanne for highlighting the good deeds she witnessed.

Cheryl Fitzsimmons, another member of the group, said: “It's about time we read a good post about the kids in Winsford. This just proves it's a very small minority who cause trouble, and most of kids are respectful and well-mannered.”

Have you come across any random acts of kindness in Winsford? If so, email andrew.nuttall@newsquest.co.uk