A PROPOSAL is in place to expand the age range at Byley Primary School.

A formal consultation period will run from April 26 to May 23.

The primary school, in Moss Lane, is looking to open its doors to children aged between three and 11 instead of four and 11.

The governing body believes this increase in the age range is required to ensure all local three and four-year-old children with an entitlement to early years education can access that in a local setting of their choice.

It will also provide the opportunity for parents to have continuity in children’s progression from early years education to statutory age schooling.

Kay Walsh, headteacher, said: “I’m absolutely delighted, I think it’s good for the school and the community.

“I think that the evidence of that is how successful it’s been in the past two years when we’ve been trialling it.

“From a lowly starting point of two children who started the nursery on day one we are full intake this coming September, so we’re really pleased.

“I’m hoping the next step is to have some additional classrooms built so we can continue to grow.”

The school has now requested the Director of Education to proceed to the formal stage of Notice and Representation required to make this provision permanent.

The provision has been established on a temporary basis since September 2016, it is not anticipated that making it permanent will have an impact on other pre-school within the area.

Operational costs will be met by the school’s revenue budget, supported through the council’s mechanisms for funding early years education.

Any person or organisation may submit comments to the council on the proposal and these must be taken into account by the decision-maker who will be the cabinet member for children and young people. The decision must be made in accordance with statutory guidance.