WINSFORD singer/songwriter Sam Lyon is about to embark on her second UK tour.

As part of a celebration of her new CD the tour will see Sam perform in nine cities across England, Scotland and Wales including Liverpool and Manchester.

The album was produced by John Delf and Mark Winterburn, who have worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, James Arthur and 5 Seconds of Summer.

In November 2016, following a successful crowd funding project that saw fans from the UK, USA, France, Finland, and Dubai get involved, Sam was able to record her new EP at Edge Recording Studios, on the outskirts of Manchester.

Although a prolific performer, it’s been three years since Sam last released an EP, with ‘The Bitter Taste of Bliss’ being launched in Spring 2015.

This new record will be Sam’s fourth release working with Edge Recording Studios, her previous works include ‘Promise Me’, the aforementioned ‘The Bitter Taste of Bliss’, and ‘Every Second Counts’, all of which have gained national and international attention.

Having recently made the decision to become a full-time musician, Sam discussed the difficulties that came with her new career.

Sam said: “Funding suddenly became quite tight since I was now having to be much more proactive about finding work.

“I spent a long time focusing on getting gigs, but I was itching to release new material. I just didn’t have enough resources or funds for doing so.”

As a reward for those that supported Sam’s crowdfunding campaign, each of the donators received exclusive packages in the post, containing signed CDs, t-shirts, notebooks, badges and more.

Following the completion of the tour, Sam will be releasing a five-part video series, taking her fans on the journey of how her new music came to be.

Covering all aspects of the behind-the-scenes production processes, from the recording studio, to the music video shoots, to the tour itself, Sam is hoping to show people the level of work that goes into a typical music release.

The album ‘Comets + Constellations’ is out April 22 and to find out more about Sam Lyon’s UK tour and her music, visit her website