A TRAVEL writer will be passing through Northwich and Middlewich as part of his latest travelogue.

Nick Corble, author of over 20 books, is starting a unique experiment and is inviting everyone to share all the steps of his new book which will see him trek through the heart of England.

Nick said: “I’m offering people the chance to follow every stage of the writing of a walking travel book, from preparation, through the walk itself and then the processes of writing, editing and publication.

“It’s a unique opportunity for everyone to share the decisions, agonies, pain and pleasure of being a writer.”

“I want people to ‘Walk With Me’, and have created all sorts of ways to allow people to follow every step, from social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to regular videos, blogs and podcasts, through which people can be part of the walk and follow the progress of the book.”

Nick’s first book saw him document his journey down the canal system from Skipton to Banbury in 2000.

The book not only explored the positives and negatives of his journey but also offered insight into the country at the turn of the millennium.

Nick said: “A lot’s happened since then, and I wanted to do something similar, but this time by actually walking - diagonally passing through the middle of the country.”

The route follows a line drawn at 45 degrees north west to south east, through the centre of England. Nick will be passing through Northwich and Middlewich on Saturday 21st April.