When I awoke on June 24, 2016, I was deeply disappointed with the referendum result. I didn’t want to see us outside of the EU.

I wanted Mr Cameron to come back from his grand tour of European capitals with some indication Brussels understood our concerns and we could all get on with our lives.

I did not expect our PM to return humiliated and empty handed when a little empathy would have gone a long way.

It was not to be and the United Kingdom voted to leave.

So, I didn’t get the result I wanted but I’ve been on the losing side of general elections enough times to know that’s how democracy works.

I was gutted when Tony Blair won the 2005 election with 35 per cent of the vote but you learn to accept it and make the best of it.

You don’t spend the next two years trying to overturn a result you don’t like otherwise the UK would be another banana republic replacing its leaders every five minutes.

UK Ltd seems to be doing pretty good so far and once we focus on the future and get on with it I’m sure we’ll do even better.

I have to be honest now and say I’m well and truly sick of the whole damn Brexit debate. I switch channels on the radio and TV whenever I hear the word. I don’t want to revisit what’s already happened I want to move on.

The sooner we get on with it the sooner overseas investors will gain confidence. The uncertainty isn’t doing us any good.

From here on, I’m putting my fingers in my ears and whistling Rule Britannia any time I hear someone banging on about Brexit.

As my American pals say: Deal with it.

By our columnist Vic Barlow