THE popularity of the game Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down.

And as even more children and teenagers will no doubt be asking their parents to play during the school holidays, the National Crime Agency has shared a warning. 

A spokesman added: "There are a few in-game elements that parents and teachers should be aware of to encourage safe and enjoyable gaming.

"This includes in game voice and text chat that cannot be turned off as well as some other features such as micro-transactions."

Here's what you need to know...

What is Fortnite?

It's an online game, which includes Battle Royale, where players do not have to pay to play.

In Battle Royale, 100 players compete against each other to be the last person standing in player vs player (PVP) combat.

Users play against people of different ages from across the world, and can talk and interact with each other as they play through the in-game chat feature.

It's also the reason the dance move 'Flossing' has become popular as during the game players can pop off a few dance moves to taunt an opponent or celebrate a victory.

What age rating is Fortnite?

It's rated as a 12 due to ‘frequent scenes of mild violence'.

This however doesn't take into account the fact players may be exposed to swearing and offensive language from strangers, either through audio or on-screen text chat.

What happens during the game?

As Fortnite is an online game you will play against players of different ages from across the world.

You cannot turn the in game chats off or choose who you play against.

The aim of Fortnite is to defeat other players by fighting against them.

My children want to play this game, what should I do?

Advice from the UK Safer Internet Centre is to have an 'open and honest conversation with your child' and then play with them.

A spokesman added: "Asking your child about how they play Fortnite and what they like about it is a great way to start a conversation. 

"It may seem daunting but one of the best things that you can do is to engage with the gaming environment and begin to understand what makes Fortnite so attractive to young people, as well as giving yourself an idea of the reporting tools available within the game."

Will it cost me anything?

Although Battle Royale is free to play other aspects of the game are not.

There are packs which give you different access to the full game and extensions, bonuses and weapons.

These start at £34.99 and go up to £119.99.

The game does ask players to make additional in-game purchases while playing though these are not required to play the game.

How do I report a player who is behaving inappropriately?

You can do this by using the in-game feedback tool located in the game Main Menu. 

You can also make a report by emailing the creators of Fortnite.