PLANS for a HS2 train service centre at Wimboldsley have been again backed by Government following a consultation on the proposed Crewe hub.

‘Phase 2b’ of the high speed railway is set to cut between Winsford and Middlewich as it travels from the Crewe hub onto Manchester.

Wimboldsley, between the West Coast Mainline (WMCL) and proposed HS2 line, will be the site for the near-four-kilometre long ‘rolling stock depot’ if the hub is built at Crewe.

The rolling stock depot (RSD), which would be used for maintenance, servicing and storage of the new HS2 fleet, was previously set to be built in Golborne, between Warrington and Wigan, before refinements were announced in 2016.

Respondents to a recent consultation raised concerns over the impact on the area.

A Government response read: “The Government is acutely aware of the impact that major projects such as HS2 can have on communities.

“Both Government and HS2 Ltd are committed to the protection of the environment through seeking to avoid significant adverse effects, minimising impacts where they occur and determining options for mitigation where needed. “

The Government has also confirmed that a ‘junction north of Crewe’ is being explored, with further details to come.

“Work is ongoing on the business case and design for a junction north of Crewe. Environmental impacts, and their possible mitigations, will play an important role in decision-making about the design.

“HS2 and NR will seek to use sensitive modern construction methods to minimise construction impacts on communities and habitat, and staging of works will be considered carefully as design progresses.”