GARDENERS who hit the Lottery jackpot have used the money to create their own compost and go even greener.

Winsford Allotments Association received £6,940 from the Lottery and is now reaping the benefits at its site in Moss Bank.

Members have bought three containers to store green waste and produce compost to put back on their gardens.

Association secretary John Malam said: "The recycling storage area is very environmentally friendly and everyone on the allotments wants this valuable compost.

"It can also be used by the council to store their green waste like wood chippings when they have chopped down a tree for example.

"Not only does this help to produce compost for the allotments it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint."

The allotments have seen a huge turnaround in the past year with a huge waiting list of people desperate to get onto the site.

John believes it is a great way to spend your leisure time.

He said: "It is a great place to be and you get a lot of enjoyment from it.

"And there is the misconception that it is for older, slipper wearing people when in fact we get a lot of families and younger people coming here to enjoy themselves.

"In 1999 there were five plots and now it is a fantastic place to be."

Association chairman Pete O'Brien is hoping the allotments will have a bright future.

He said: "People today want to know where their food comes from and how it's been grown and that's why allotments are back in fashion.

"There's a real community spirit among the plot holders with old hands more than willing to pass on their gardening know-how to first timers."

The association is holding an open day on August 18 between 11am and 4pm when PC Di Woodward will officially open the recycling unit.

There will also be a fruit and veg trail laid out with prizes up for grabs.