CHESHIRE Police is clamping down on anti-social behaviour in Winsford.

The force said it had received a ‘high volume’ of calls relating to anti-social behaviour around the multi-storey car park in the town centre.

Sgt Daniel Haddock said officers are working closely with town centre staff and have increased patrols in the area.

He also revealed officers are being deployed in plain clothes to identify youths.

Sgt Haddock said: “There is a small minority of youths acting in an anti-social manner, but I urge parents to ensure they know where there children are socialising, as they can easily get involved in groups whose behaviour can escalate from harmless fun to behaviour that is not acceptable and deemed anti-social.”

Sgt Haddock said ‘appropriate police action’ will be taken against any youths identified as being involved in anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

He said: “If youths are identified in behaviour that is of a criminal nature they will be dealt with in a robust manner and positive action will be taken.

“I urge parents to ensure that their children understand the consequences of their actions and ensure they use the town centre facilities in an appropriate and respectful manner.”

Last week a post on Cheshire Police’s Facebook account said any youths that are found to have committed any offences face being banned from the town centre.

The post said: “The shops are for the enjoyment and use of everyone, however if a youth is found abusing this then they will be banned from town by staff .

“Police will support this ban and make sure town is a no go area for those that don’t appreciate it and cause misery for Winsford community.”