A WINSFORD mum is facing a costly bill after a car smashed into her wall before the driver sped off.

Donna Campbell said she ‘jumped out of her skin’ when she was awoken by a loud bang in the early hours of Sunday.

After going to investigate, she discovered her front wall and gate were damaged, with parts of a car on the floor.

She told the Guardian: “At 4am on Sunday I heard a loud crash.

“I jumped up to see what is was and saw the post/wall hanging over and the gate up in the air.

“I ran downstairs to check what had happened but the car had already driven off before I got to the window.

“I was worried that this must have been a drunk driver due to extent of the damage so I called the police.”

If the culprit is not found she faces a costly bill to have the damage repaired.

“I am getting quotes to have it put right,” she said.

“I have no idea at the moment as whoever does this needs to be able to get the steel bars from the fence built into the wall again. I can imagine it’s going to be expensive.”

She added: “I checked my car for damage and luckily it had missed it, I have no idea how as it was so close.

“I found pieces of the vehicle that had hit it so I have kept those to see if we can find out who did this.”

Ms Campbell said she has not heard back from the police about the incident.

She said: “It worries me as people walk up and down here all the time when going home from De Bees so it could have been a person they hit, lucky it was just the wall.

“I also think they must have hurt themselves with the impact they made.”

In an attempt to identify the offender, she posted on Facebook to appeal for help from the community.

“I posted the details on Facebook and this has been shared by the public because I fear this person is a danger on the road.

“Myself and my brother-in-law took the fence post down as it was dangerous and we didn’t want any passers-by to get hurt or for the wall to fall on my car.

“We now have to pay for the wall to be rebuilt, something which I think the person who did this should be doing.”

She said the parts have been identified as being from a black BMW 3 Series.

A police spokesman said: “At 4am on December 31 a car was in collision with a bollard at the end of a drive in Dingle Lane in Winsford and drove off.

“Anyone with information can contact Cheshire Police on 137 of 31 December 20