A READER is appealing for people in Winsford to help identify a photo of a group of youngsters sitting on a bridge in front of The Red Lion.

Barry Grannall, an adopted Winsfordian, who runs Vale Royal Kitchens, contacted the Guardian, to say how much he liked the photo and suggested if the youngsters could be tracked down that selfsame picture might be recreated.

Barry said: "I moved to Winsford in 1967 aged seven and I have always been fascinated by the old town pictures. This one of the youngsters on the bridge was on my Facebook feed and although I shared it a couple of years ago, I got little or no response.

"Although I know nothing about when the photograph was taken or who is on it, it would be magnificent if the Guardian could help identify the youngsters and maybe recreate it all these years later. I thinks it's a great pic from the past."

If anyone can identify those in the photograph or have any memories to share contact Peter Devine on 01606 813618 or e-mail winsford@guardiangrp.co.uk