A RESIDENT has spoken of her horror after receiving a blood-stained letter following an attack on a postman in Winsford.

The Royal Mail postman was assualted at 2.30pm on December 21 in Brecon Way, causing the firm to temporarily suspended deliveries.

The postman was taken to hospital and a 38-year-old man was later arrested.

Royal Mail made the decision to halt post in some parts of Winsford – including the Over ward, where the incident took place, following the attack as a ‘safety precaution’.

Today, Annette Martin, one of the residents affected, finally received her mail – covered in blood.

She said the ‘gruesome’ letter stirred up feelings of ‘horror’, especially as she suspected whose blood it was.

Ms Martin told the Guardian: “I was glad it was me that went to get the post and not my kids.

“I felt that in a situation like this the envelopes would’ve been kept for evidence and the internal letters sent in a new envelope with the post offices own plastic bag.

“Our thoughts are with our postman and wish him a speedy recovery.”

The letter was bundled with an apology letter from Royal Mail.

The letter said: “I am sorry that the enclosed item, addressed to you, has been damaged whilst in our care.

“Although we do all we can to prevent such damage, it does occasionally occur.”