A CENTRE which helps people with limited mobility is gearing up to offer its hundreds of members the chance to explore their greenfingered side.

The NeuroMuscular Centre, in Winsford, has received £1,321.67 to set up its Fully Accessible Allotments programme, which will provide a place for members to socialise and produce their own fruit, vegetables and flowers.

It received the cash from the Co-op's membership scheme, which gives one per cent of the money spent by members on home-brand products to small community groups.

Matthew Lanham, director at the NeuroMuscular Centre, told the Guardian that the allotments should benefit the health and wellbeing of its members.

He said: "It will give the opportunity to do gardening despite disability, which for a lot of people is one of those things they are no longer able to do.

"That is often a real shame, as it can be something they really used to love doing.

"It's also great because we are beginning to produce fresh fruit and vegetables to share with our community.

"So people can eat more fresh fruit and veg, enjoy all of the health benefits of eating those foods, while also feeling proud that they grew it themselves.

"And the group is a source of great friendship and camaraderie for people who get involved."

The NeuroMuscular Centre is hoping to have the allotments ready for use in spring 2018.

For more information visit nmcentre.com or call the centre, in Woodford Lane West, on 01606 860911.