KIND-HEARTED year six pupils at Darnhall Primary School hosted a ‘bake or fake’ cake sale to raise funds for a village hall trashed by vandals.

Youngsters from Darnhall School Lane, decided to help their local community after learning how yobs trashed Darnhall Village Hall in August, defacing a war memorial plaque during their rampage and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Teaching assistant Kelly Evans said: “A lot them had heard about it over the holidays and said that they wanted to do something to help.”

The children decided to hold a cake stall at the start of term to raise money to help repair some of the damage caused at the village hall.

Kelly said: “It was really successful. Parents either baked or bought a cake and brought it into the school and the children could buy cakes during the day.

“At the end of the school there were still had quite a few cakes left so parents were really kind and bought more to take away with them.”

The children raised £200 towards the hall repairs, which was handed over to volunteers from the village hall, on Thursday.

Kelly and fellow teaching assistant Ruth Mason are proud of the pupils, who are taught by Natasha Mulholland.

Kelly added: “It was such a kind and caring thing for them to do – we’re really proud of them!”

The building is owned by the Darnhall Estate and leased by Darnhall Parish Council and a small group of volunteers use the building to host classes, events and fundraisers.

During their rampage vandals sprayed paint normally used for craft activities on the walls and floors, including in the disabled toilet.

They also took a brush and used it to paint a war memorial plaque alongside obscenities and other graffiti on the walls.