A MIDDLEWICH High School teacher wants to make a ‘permanent difference in a former war-torn country.

Michael Taylor will spend his summer in Cambodia training teacher with charity LRTT because of a shortage in the developing nation.

The civil war in Cambodia that ended in the 1990s resulted in the killing of educated people and left the country without anyone to pass down vital skills.

Michael has funded flights, food and accommodation and needs £550 to cover equipment and travel costs while he is there.

The science teacher said: “I am sick with nerves and dreading being so far away from home but I am confident it will make a difference to teachers in Cambodia.

“Due to the civil war the country has a missing generation of university qualified teachers.

“There is no one to train teachers and schools are often staffed by local volunteers. So I am travelling there as part of LRTT to deliver training to these schools.

“I am just trying to fundraise for equipment needed in-country to train the teachers and travel around Cambodia.

“I recognise how fortunate we are in this country for our children to expect to go to school and be met by a well-trained and qualified teacher.

“I hope that I can make a permanent difference by passing on my teaching knowledge and training to these dedicated individuals.”

Michael is travelling with LRTT, an organisation that aims to address a global learning crisis and teaching shortage around the world.

By 2030 the group wants to substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, especially in developing countries.

You can donate by visiting justgiving.com/crowdfunding/michael-taylor-486.