PASSION is the key for a caterer who has opened for business in Middlewich.

Maggie Finns catering opened last Tuesday in Wheelock Street following the major success of its first shop in Winsford.

The company prides itself on the quality of service and ingredients in both catering and its in-house café.

John Finn, owner of Maggie Finns, was wowed by his mums cooking as a child. She only used raw ingredients in her recipes, and she is the inspiration behind the business name.

John said: “I’m delighted to be able to open this shop as Middlewich is a lovely town and I know the area really well.

“The first thing I’m always told is that people can see how much passion I’ve got for what I do.

"I just love cooking and have always been mesmerised by it."

As a teenager, John spent a summer working in a canteen for a major company, and his aptitude for cooking was picked up within a week by the boss who moved him on to director’s lunches.

The dad-of-three then went into professional catering 15 years ago, but it took until 2013 for him to open up the first shop in Winsford once his family duties became lighter.

Four years later and John felt ready to expand the business, and jumped at the chance to open in Middlewich when the opportunity arose.

He said: “What I want to come out of this is for people to come to Maggie Finns and just have a really enjoyable time while they’re here.

“The reaction we get from customers is that not only do they enjoy the service, but they can genuinely taste the quality of the food they’re given.”

John currently employs three part-time staff.

He said: “We only opened on Tuesday but if business carries on the way it’s started, we’re going to need to employ more people.”

You can find Maggie Finns in 9 Wheelock Street, CW10 9AG.