Ian Broudie admits he’s never been to Middlewich, but the Lightning Seeds frontman will embrace the unexpected as he’s done so often in his career when he headlines FAB Festival in June.

The seasoned song-writer never assumed he would produce, but he has a production portfolio of some of the most critically acclaimed artists of the Liverpool music scene in The Coral, The Zutons and Echo & the Bunnymen.

He never expected to write a hit song, but as Ian quite rightly points out whilst reminiscing the success of 1989s Pure, ‘the hits are always most obvious to you afterwards.’

Fast forward to 1996 and there was the small matter of Three Lions which can still be heard on the terraces and in the public houses over 20 years later.

Ian, sometimes known as Kingbird, recently started touring again, coming off the back of supporting Madness in 2016 and is now preparing a new album later this year, but will first headline FAB Festival.

He said: “I don’t tour much at the moment but I’m really looking forward to this and FAB is one of about 15 festivals I will be performing at this year, so it will be older stuff played and the album will get showcased closer to the New Year.”

“People want to hear the hits.”

On why the 58-year-old decided now would be the right time to start writing for Lightning Seeds after 18 years (he outlines Four Winds was mainly a solo album), he has a simple response. ‘Life’.

“I think for a long time I just got let into other areas. I was on a different path.

“Four Winds was a solo album that got turned into Lightning Seeds as we went on, but eventually I just sat down and wrote some songs that sounded like the band and here we are.”

The Liverpudlian maintains that his writing style is like no other, often mentally hearing how a song should be played and working out the mechanics later.

This is what prompted him to produce, in that he could hear the potential of the music that he was listening to.

He said: “I always think I’d make a really poor DJ, I just listen to music and my friend will say ‘what the hell is that’ and I’ll just have explain the fact that It’s the bridge of the guitar that pulls me in. It’s all the little things in music that get me.”

When asked if he could pin down particular moment along the way that sticks with him, he’s only too quick to pick out two in what is a career of achievements.

“The Hillsborough concert was a big moment for me, at that time (1997) as well, it was very emotional.”

“But it was lovely moment to find out Pure was the most played record in California for a year.”

Lightning Seeds will headline Fab Festival on Friday, June 16, with early bird tickets currently available starting at £17.50 per person.

Admission to all venues is free on Saturday and Sunday. Visit fabfestival.co.uk for ticket information.