A MIDDLEWICH woman who saved a life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has urged blood donors to always carry their cards with them.

Lynne Taylor of Tewkesbury Close was on board P&O cruise ship Arcadia last month when a fellow passenger fell ill and required an emergency blood transfusion.

Thanks to Lynne’s history as a donor with universal blood type O negative, she was on hand to provide blood that enabled the patient to receive treatment at the next port.

Lynne, who has now given blood over 50 times, said: “I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, I just want to raise awareness.

“It is important to carry your card with you, although I didn’t actually have mine with me because they have recently given me a new one.

“Luckily, I had a photo of me with my 50 donor award and card, which could demonstrate that I was a blood donor.

“The patient was a frail old man, who was next door when I was giving blood. It’s a really nice feeling to be so close to a recipient.”

While it is possible to take emergency blood from non-registered donors, the process is much quicker for those with a card because extensive checks are not necessary.

Lynne, who is originally from Warrington, has developed a knack of being in the right place at the right time having given blood on a different cruise ship a few years ago.

A doctor on-board the Arcadia told Lynne that these emergencies occur ‘about once every three years’ before sending her a letter, a bunch of flowers and some champagne as a thank you.

The ship’s captain also sent Lynne a letter of thanks, in which he said the patient was ‘doing well’ and was due to return to the UK shortly to recover.