A WINSFORD musician will play her final gig in the town before embarking on a trip across Europe and South America.

Sam Lyon has treated punters to a series of evening gigs showcasing some of the greatest acoustic singer-songwriters the young songwriter has worked with over the past two years.

The 21-year-old will play her final show at de bees, Winsford, on Saturday, March 19, from 7pm.

“So far, we've had the pleasure of being joined by the fantastic Ashley Sherlock, Kyle Ross, Alex Tweedie, and Liam Hunt,” Sam told the Guardian.

“This Saturday is the final event in the series, which I will be headlining and will have support from the incredible Liam McClair.

“There will be candles, fairy lights, lanterns, etc, just to make the place that little bit more cosy and inviting – and an opportunity to relax before you get your rave on for the main de bees Saturday night afterwards.”

Sam will making Saturday’s gig one to remember, as she will be setting off on an exciting two-month trip around Europe on March 21.

“Although I won't be taking my guitar with me, I will be doing a bit of venue-spotting in hopes to perhaps arrange a few European tour dates in the future,” Sam said.

“I will be travelling mainly solo around Europe, going it alone for France, Brussels, and Netherlands, but will then be joined by my aunties to explore Germany and Prague, before continuing alone again for another week.

“I then meet my mum in Switzerland, where we will continue the trip together from Switzerland through to Italy.”

After returning from her European travels, Sam will head out on her own to Ecuador, South America, where she will be volunteering at an animal rescue centre for a month.

“Upon returning to the UK in July, I will embark on my next adventure – life as a full time musician, travelling the UK earning a living from playing music,” Sam said.

“It's really rather terrifying, but also an extremely exciting opportunity for me. The start of a brand new chapter.”

There is no formal admission fee for Saturday's gig although contributions will be asked on the door. For more information call 01606 558596.